Beer Dude Review: Two Weyerbacher Seasonals

Beer Dude Review: Two Weyerbacher Seasonals

When you see the brewery Weyerbacher on a menu, you may think Germany. The name is guttural, but the beers are not. While German beers are subtle and restrained, Weyerbacher is hearty, high gravity, and truly F**k you in the face. For that I am grateful. Recently two seasonals have caught my eye and I am excited to share them with you.

The first is the Imperial Pumpkin. In the American Microbrew landscape, Dogfish Head’s Punkin Ale is the father. Since 1994 it has been the leader in this American style, however, whether it is the best is up for debate. Weyerbacher is impressive in the complexity of flavor and the depth of taste. The spices are intense and potent; with heavy notes of cinnamon and, well love. I wanted to list off the other spices, like ginger, etc, however, love sums it up. For a particularly American style of beer, I love the idea that the style is so well represented.

I love a good imperial stout, but I think aging in Bourbon is over done. Yeah, I like it better than oak, because it is American. However, like most brewing fads, it is approaching the limit of cleverness and usefulness. However, the imperial stout, the roastiness, the sweetness, and the smokey alcoholness is incredible; subtle vanilla hints, chocolatey bitters, and caramel palate. It is wonderful.


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