Why I hate Dubstep

Why I hate Dubstep

My dear readers, as any of you know, there is an aural plague bit by bit, infesting our nation, growing ever-larger one person at a time. It’s wup-wup-filled thumping is more tortuous to a sound mind than a chorus of demons, and yet this maddening melody grows ever louder. As any one who has set foot in a high school or college campus knows, this musical menace is known as dubstep.

According to Wikipedia, dupstep originated in southern London, which from my limited understanding of the area as an American living on the opposite side of the ocean, I can only assume is where the British equivalents of Hipsters reside. Created almost entirely by computer-based sound-editing programs, and as such, takes next to no musical talent to create, almost every single track consists of barely distinguishable sound effects and base drops. Tragically, like many other international horrors like the vuvuzela or tentacle porn, it spread it’s way to mainstream popularity by means of certain masochistic sub-cultures, much to the annoyance of the majority of the population with decent tastes in cultural tastes.

As you might have guessed from my tone, I am not a fan. And not just because I’m tired of random idiots at school running up to me with a set of headphones telling me “Listen to that bass dude. It’s so dirty. Wait for the drop. Here it comes—wait, wait—yes. Uuunnnngh. That drop is so nasty.” To be fair, nasty and dirty are both appropriate adjectives for the genre.

This throbbing and abrasive affront to music at least to me has always sounded like Optimus Prime getting raped as compared to actual music. In every track I’ve had the misfortune to hear – it seems like it’s fans like to play it on their speakers load enough for me to hear half a parking lot away – there is no melody, no musical instruments, no lyrics or anything technically musical about dubstep. It’s just a bunch of of bass drops with that signature wob-wob-wob repeated in every single track, typically played at volumes loud enough to shatter glass – and typically give me a headache in the process.

The annoying music is only compounded by the annoying fan base, which has to be one of pop culture’s most pretentious, extolling the virtues of this ‘genre’ at any provided opurtunity. While I’m sure there are some people who legitimately like dubstep, the vast majority that I’ve encountered aren’t in it for the music. You have the preppy scene kids who like it because it’s the ‘in’ thing at the moment. Then you have the junkies who listen to it while stoned for the sensory overload that follows, that or found murdering their brain cells a preferable alternative to listening to dubstep. The last, and worst of the bunch, are the hipsters, which in hindsight makes perfect sense. After all, what is more essentially hipsterish than crappy underground music that makes anyone with good taste ears start bleeding?

At least in my opinion though, the worst part about dubstep is just how artificial and fake it is. Those words tend to get tossed around a lot with bad music, to the point I feel they’ve lost there original meaning to a lot of people. At least to me, music should always be about the human element of the equation, about the musician slaving over thier strings and songs, pouring thier passion into the music in hopes that an audience will share that same passion. It should take heart, drive, and above all else, talent to make a musician and music. That’s one of the reason’s I detest pop music as much as I do, as so much of it these days has lost that human element, where computers and auto-tune are increasingly the means of the genre. The less of that musicians touch, the more artificial and fake the music is.

Dupstep is about as artificial and fake as music can be before it devolves into just noise. For all of it’s wub-laden bass lines and drops, in a typical dubstep track, there’s no melody, no lyrics, no tune, no song, and no music. It’s just a bunch of sound effects that anyone with a decent editing program on their computer can piece together and wait for the first idiot on a meth high on to declare it ‘nasty’. There’s no heart, no song, no music, no soul in the entire genre. It’s a tune for the tasteless, a melody for the mindless, a background noise for all of those who do not wish to trouble themselves with genuine music.

Some like minded critics of have likened dubstep to this generation’s disco, and there is some merit in this comparison, seeing as they are both crappy passing fad sub-genre’s that only appeal for the most part to junkies and hippies/hipsters. However, I feel it doesn’t truly capture it fully, as even disco, in all it’s horror, could still qualify as music, while dubstep barely qualifies as an extended sound effect. No, dubstep is to music what Holy Virgin Mary was to art; an attempt by some talentless losers to degrade an entire art form to the point of bunch of imbeciles will consider fecal matter ‘culture’, and at least in my opinion, the sooner we stop letting the junkies and hipsters pollute the airwaves with this crap, the better.

  • Haterofdubstep

    I couldn’t agree with your article more, dubstep and the apparent ”good dubstep” mentioned here is just friggin shyte! I couldn’t differenciate one dubstep song from another it all sounds the same to me…trash and has no rhythm, just noise. Can we go back to the 90’s and every other decade before that please when people actually knew how to make decent music!

  • Liv

    After reading the comment from Jake I think I might just go kill myself now

  • Musician

    i may only be a youngster, but ill have you all know, ive been playing classical piano since I was 3 and have played in Carnegie hall, national competitions, and compose. I also make dubstep, and let me say, it is as much music as is classical opera, or any other genre. I believe since its new, of course people will hate, but they must accept the fact of a new type of music. as a producer of this music, it does involve musical ability and knowledge of electronics and wave forms and many other things! it does have melody, harmonics, and other things included in other musical genres. Modern piano pieces literally sound like randomized chromatic notes that sounds like junk, but its still music! dubstep, like hard rock, is intense and appeals to emotion just as a Claire de Lune appeals to quiet soft feelings. I know a lot about music, ive dug deep into what dubstep is, and as many say, classical is the only “true” kinda music, well its not! I respect that you don’t prefer it, but don’t bash the fact that its not music just because you don’t like it! look up the meaning of music and compare it to dubstep. It fits. the emotions of this genre is hardcore and fit for those who want intensive music, such as those with interest in death or black rock! (btw rock was also neglected as music, and is now more common the any other genre). dubstep is music, it may not me in your ears, and its not just because it is in my ears, but because of its form, attitude, and mechanics!

  • Steve

    Lol!!! The fact that your calling “ravers” hipsters is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. You obviously couldn’t tell the difference between a boat and grapefruit sir. I hate “hipsters”, and I love dubstep. I love hearing the other sides argument, but your argument is ignorant!! I like dubstep because I like simple sounds and heavier riffs, and such. I appreciate other music styles and always will, but my true love is dubstep and other sub genres of edm. I can tell you truly have no clue what your talking about. Even though this is super old I felt the need to comment. Have a good life sir. Just a tip keeping an open mind about things is key in life, and just because you do not like something does not mean it is vile or terrible. Although I do agree with you about the part about the idiot fans who are just in it for the fad, but there are less of them than you think

  • requimforadream

    I’m a piano player and have been for 10 years. I also play bass and guitar. So I have a solid background in music. In order to make electronic music you must know something about music(with some exceptions). I have a few songs of my own. And I’m playing a keyboard of electronic drum kit for just about everything. I just think this was an ignorant and misguided attempt to say you hate a genre of music. I understand that dubstep isn’t for everyone, but keep your oppinions to yourself if your just going to be a dick instead of giving a valid argument.

  • HardstyleKillsDubstep

    I was just getting into the good techno for hardstyle and here came dubstep. I was enthusiastic, wanting to see what the new music would be like. After listening to it from a friend I couldn’t agree more with this article. As showtekk put it “I live for hardstyles”. And I just want some good techno, some good hard rock for long trips, something meaningful I can SING TO, to dance to, not have a seizure to. Dubstep must be forgotten, I don’t care how, people usually point out when something has no meaning, but no one has yet for this crap.

  • Blayne

    I respect your opinion, but disagree. There are, in my opinion, different degrees of dubstep. Just curious, which dubstep artists did you listen to? Have you tried Skrillex or Deadmua5? Srillex has lyrics and music. Also have you listened to Nightcore? Good genre, very good.

  • Dillon

    I can see why people like dubstep . Some of it is catchy . That being said , it is totally forgettable . Unlike most music , you really can not distinguish one artist from another . That is it . That is the problem . Much like rap music , it is not going to get better just by giving the same tricks . It is the fact that as humans , most of us will eventually move on to what is new or what we loved before . Take The Beatles for instance , their sound changed with the times , making them a band of legendary status . With almost every album sounding different (should have put Revolver and Rubber Soul together) they kept it fresh , and unless you know every song like I do , you will always find something new to enjoy . Music in a whole is not what it used to be . Some like the new , some conform , some just like what they like . I personally hate dubstep . Its just bland , though I am sure with the right amount of MDMA in your system you love just about anything . As always , that is just my opinion .

  • Dillon

    I do have to agree with you on one point . It has no soul , no bridge between the artist and the listener . Soul less as Karl Marx it is haha .

  • Brian

    Yeah but you can’t spell, so to me any valid points you just made are void. Go back to first grade and learn the basics you fool.

  • Selenium

    There are actually people who like dubstep. I’m sure there is plenty of music that you like that I or many other people would consider even more bullshit. F**k you saying there is no melody or lyrics. Have you actually LISTENED to a dubstep track?? Excision and Skrillex don’t really count, because Excision kind of is random noise, and Skrillex is just bullshit. There are plenty of lyrics in dubstep tracks. I can tell you have heard very VERY little of the wide spectrum of the genre.

    Although I will agree with you that the fanbase sometimes isn’t the most intelligent or real. It’s very hard to find someone who actually listens to dubstep and actually likes it and knows anything about it.

    And if ANYONE can do it, I’d like to see you try. FUCKING PROVE IT. If you’re gonna talk s**t about my music then PROVE TO ME that you can make “dubstep”. Get some equipment and make a track and see just how many people you can fool into liking it. Trust me, it’s not as easy as it looks.

    Another thing: you can’t say there is no soul in it. Why would people make that their career if they weren’t passionate about it? Many tracks out there are filled with passion, anger, pride, love, fear. A big theme in Dubstep is feeling like an outcast. Some really powerful tracks come out of that. Listen to “Circles” by KDrew and then take back some of your ignorant claims.

    So stfu with your old-fashioned, close-minded, uneducated ass and if you REALLY REALLY hate it so much, at least give me some evidence to believe that you at least TRIED to listen to a full track and actually have some knowledge about it. Because clearly you don’t know s**t. Don’t hate on something you have no idea about, because that just makes you look like an idiot.

    You don’t have to like it, but don’t say a bunch of s**t preaching to your ignorant choir of dumbasses.

  • Justin

    Dubstep is about as valid as it gets. I don’t believe you’ve ever actually listened to the UK dubstep. Heres a fun fact, americans have s**t distaste and terrible style on dubstep to the point they had to rename real dubstep “UK Bass”. It’s loud, its heavy, its slow, the melodies have odd time signatures that take some time to understand and its a REAL genre of music. I hate country western music to the point that I get angry when I hear too much of it but I still dont discredit it as a form of music. and learn to spell bass, every genre has bass. You clearly have a minimal understanding of any music in general.

  • Charles

    Took every single word out of my mouth. Dubstep takes no musical talent to make. Of course using those programs are tough, but that’s it. I hope people come to their senses soon.

  • Marco Carranza

    LoL if you cant really differe tiate between good and bad dubstep as any other genre how can you give an impartial opinion? You said its just noise with no rhythm but i can clearly hear a rhythm on the dubstep songs i like. Of course its music, ones using a computer to create it. Its like saying avatar its not a mpvie cause was created with a computer…

  • Jarrod

    Hello there. I really enjoy dubstep. Everybody has their own tastes, and you either haven’t listened to good dubstep, haven’t listened properly or just purposely expect the worst. In response to your article, I have to tell you that dubstep songs contain: melody, vocals, “actual instruments”. The reason I personally enjoy dubstep is that, contrary to popular belief, they all sound incredibly different. Maybe if you listened to songs by the likes of “Excision” you would believe me. Also, dubstep does take a LOT of skill. Perfecting the sound of it and making it just right can take weeks, even months of tweaking. Also, you can’t just state that listening to it because some kid was blaring it full volume counts. You need to actually search some artists and listen properly to them.

  • jake

    i love dubstep but anyone can have there opinions… i could care less if you hate it. honestly some dubstep is awesome to listen to and just makes u fell so cool inside. if you don’t like it fine but you don’t have to right an article on how much YOU hate it. nobody cares how much you hate or what you think about it. i could say the same thing about other music… like how much i HATE HATE HATE screamo and heavy metal but others like it so who cares.. its like my parents they hate the music i listen to but i couldn’t give 2 shits about there music either. each generation has its own music and not everyone listens to it but it just so happens that A LOT of people love dubstep. just because you don’t like dubstep doesn’t means the genres you like are better and that you have to try and force your opinion onto people like your trying to save them from a monster. because it snot trash… at least not to me it isn’t. and i get this article is very opinionated but come on. “Dupstep is about as artificial and fake as music can be before it devolves into just noise. ” its not fake. the sounds you hear in dubstep can be used from machines in existence like cars and things. sounds are not fake there for dubstep does not sound “FAKE”.

  • austin

    i listen to dubstep while gaming and i don’t smoke pot or do any drugs or drink. drugs and drinking are not reasons why people listen to this music. it just sounds different and cool. dubstep does have a soul. and there are different types of dubstep some are loud and intense other are nice and calm like chill step. sure some of it doesn’t sound good but a lot of it is great. I’m sure pop wasn’t excepted right away by all and not everyone loves the same genre. metal has been around for ever by i don’t like it. dubstep isn’t the music of the devil or anything and its not terrible. if you don’t like it don’t listen to it. it has rhythm and beat it has everything a song needs. music doesn’t need words to be related to it just fits into the moment. i can relate to dubstep it just matters on how you perceive it. the first dubstep i ever listened to was scary monsters and nice sprites by skrillex and i loved it. if you don’t like dubstep fine but you don’t have to tell everyone it sucks cause it doesnt that’s just how you feel. but many of you fail to realize how others feel about it. like some people commented. you gotta be high to listen to this or it has no beat its just sounds. you dont even know how to make dubstep and it isn’t as easy as just throwing a s**t ton of random noises in and then saying done and then putting it on the Internet or playing it at a show. it still takes a lot of work and many sounds have to actually be made for the song. you can even have lyrics in it it isn’t always just sounds as many of you think. so don’t just go around saying it sucks and that everyone who listens to it is dumb cause your just as fucking stupid for being so selfish and thinking its no good and everyone should listen to pop because that’s what you like. your not forced to listen to it so if you don’t like it don’t cry.

  • austin

    i forgot to mention though i see a lot of you who hate dubstep complain about how many of us say that other music is crap. well there just like everyone else i guess. i think there wrong for saying that another music genre is dumb just cause they don’t like it but many of you are hypocrites for saying that because your doing the exact same thing on this blog so don’t complain. sure its annoying and its almost embarrassing to listen to same music as them cause that’s arrogant but you gotta know they probably only listen to dub-step maybe that’s all they like you don’t have to be so defensive and start an argument just tell them that’s there opinion and others think differently

  • the GOOG


    I really like dubstep. You should listen to Pandora’s dubstep remix of “If I Only Had a Brain”. Dude! The drop is sick!

  • Harry D

    Hey man, looks like you’ve got a very limited view of dubstep in America. You should wise up on the genre before you rip the s**t out it son. Put on some Bowie and chill the f**k out.
    Big up Skream
    This is dubstep.

  • John

    To be fair dubstep is more like a work of engineering not music

  • James Miller

    Wow I love this article! Couldn’t be more true an the comment too. I can’t stresss enough how much this music makes me sick. When they remake pink floyd gaaaa!!!! F**k dubstep grew up In the wrong time! That is all

  • Ihatedustep

    Haha optimus prime being raped sooo good, it’s not proper music it doesn’t connect to its audience and sounds the fuckin same for all off the s**t. If you think thats bad I have a kid in my class who listens to remixed dubstep screamo haha so fucked up.

  • SanfordFTW

    I’m sorry Harry, but dubstep’s only been around since 2009/08. plus what you linked to sounds nothing like dubstep. It’s just a stupid beat with the occasional UFO noise. It’s gay.

  • SanfordFTW

    Dillon: are you British? I’m an American who lives in Pennsylvania and I go to Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville. I half agree when you say dubstep songs hardly differ between artists-IN AMERICA. I can name HUNDREDS of dubstep songs and artists who differ in sound/style. And where do they come from? The UK. It has been proven that Americans have bland taste and therefore make bland music. It has also been proven dubstep artists from the UK are more creative and artistic with their songs. And they take a hell of a while perfecting them. I highly suggest you check out these artists: Zomboy, Xilent, Modestep, 501, BAR9, Eptic, Habstrakt, Dodge & Fuski, Protohype(American),Subscape, Skism(American), Must Die!(American), Killagram, Kill the Noise, Emalkay, Flux Pavilion, Knife Party, and Docter P. Also check these out:


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvFt0y75fAo Dodge&Fuski- Got 2 Come togthr

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEbJ4qLiMu0 Flux Pavilion- Gold Dust

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhvk3dGG88g Zomboy- Game Time

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVaTL85iDFI Zomboy- Mind Control

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wTLjEqj5Xk Xilent- Boss Wave

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTfRLxHY6Tk Xilent- Touch Sound

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3r26y–evIw Modestep- Feel Good

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvKl7khv59U 501- The Final Cut

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNqrkvYwFyo Eptic- Mastermind

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-AYv4ee2B0 The Frim- Bassline Skanka

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxM7gjVZ-7I MUST DIE!- Snowcone

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZQZjttwoy4 Protohype- Bright Side

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMQYIiO_gQ8 Skism- Like This

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCQq0Gl2lCQ Skism- Killer

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKzsktuqwyU Knife Party- Centipede

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=je8UCmQ45h4 Modestep- Show me a sign

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50m9KAoRjR4 Dodge&Fuski- Come Again

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6xrVroLUb0 Eptic- Slime City

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rnw4GzXgXNA Knife Party- Rage Valley

    When you listen to these make sure your eyes are closed unless it’s a music video. Let it soak in and listen to them with all attention. I hope you like these and that i changed your opinion on dubstep. Friend me on Facebook at Brendan Cappelli if you see the beautiful side of dubstep like I do. My email is 3cappellib@gmail.com. Also UKF showcases only the best dubstep of a certain year. Check out this album megamix of UKF Dubstep 2013 and keep your eyes open for this one:


    Never Say Die is another Music company that features exclusive dubstep that is also the best. Check out Never Say Die’s Album teaser(Keep your Eyes open):


    Guys, dubstep has changed. It’s much better. It’s amazing how many people love it and live it. Thank you. I leave you with a quote Skrillex said during an interview about his new EP:Recess. “This dance music thing is not a bubble. Because it’s not about dubstep, or techno, or house, or any other sound: Those things coexist and support each other. There’s room for everything”

  • DubstepLover

    If it’s so easy to make I’d like to see you try.You all are overreacting.Listen to some good artist and more than 1 dubstep song + if you don’t like it don’t listen to it.

  • Coolkitty69

    Very funny article, wonderful satire.

  • Harry D

    Dude, Sanford, DUDE! Read up on your history man, that s**t was called dubstep pre 2008. It hit the mainstream in ’08, but dubstep started in the U.K over 10 years ago. You’ve only heard the ear fuckin’ mainstream side of if. The early stuff is completely different man. Just know that peeps like Skrillex and Knife Party sound completely different to early fresh beats like Plastician and Skream.
    Here’s one of the earliest tracks I’ve heard by Artwork, trust me man, this is round abouts where it started.


    Ain’t sayin it’s revolutionary, but it’s unique for it’s time. It’s all down to your tastes from there man.

  • Andrew Larsen


  • Almark

    The problem with Dubstep wouldn’t have been the music, but as annoying as some electronic genres can be, hardcore was mine in the 90s, Dubstep is worse to me. You see it became the de facto, goto sound for all Pop stars, it’s super saturated all major and media outlets, it’s the American sound, and yes I’m American. It sounds too pop, and I hate American pop, that is, modern day mid 90s to today. When are we going to let electronic music move ahead again? Thankfully we have the underground, let it live on and let the mainstream eat itself to death. Btw. I feel the same way about EDM, another commercialized sound that is way beyond it’s limit, 6 years now? In conclusion if something makes you feel good and isn’t annoying it is good, but a lot of this stuff I’m hearing doesn’t move me 1 inch, so I go to the better music, Boards of Canada and Orbital and the list goes on.

  • Rand

    Well first of all this depends on the sub-genres of EDM whenever I’m talking about music that is made electronically or with MIDI controllers like the launchpad S, I refer to it as EDM (electronic dance music) because there are many different types of EDM such as House, Glitch Hop, Trap, Drumstep/DnB, and Electro and much like those dubstep is a sub-genre to EDM. It just irks me when people refer to all of EDM as dubstep when house sounds nothing at all like dubstep. Where dubstep has aggressive drops with powerfull bass, growls and synths. House,on the other hand,is quite the opposite with softer tones and a more melancholy drop. The same goes for the other sub-genres as well. None sound alike. However I couldn’t agree more when you say it’s easy to make mainstream EDM like most popular house artists such as David guetta, Calvin Harris, and Martin Garix are getting too much credit. Harris’ new song summer is absolutely horrible. The lyrics repeat the same thing over and over, as well as the actual song it’s the same thing over and over. Anyone could make a song like that. It DOESNT take skill to make bad EDM or Dubstep. But it DOES take skill to make EDM that actually sounds good

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