Beer Dude: Sam Adam Octoberfest

Of all the beers in the world, this is my buddy Jamie’s favorite beer. To be honest, I totally get it. The Octoberfest style, called a Marzen, is designed to be drinkable and enjoyable. You sing a few songs, have a pretzel and a few liters. How does this compare to a more standard one? Sam Adams is sweeter and delicious. Of all the American Octoberfest beers, I love Sam’s the best. I believe that it has the emotion behind the beer better. Some American breweries try to recreate an Munich Beer, which you can try. Buy a Spaten Octoberfest and compare an American version, they will be similar, but most American ones are, well, just flat. Sam’s version is sweeter than the style, but it is not flat. It is amazing.


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