Dudeletter News: We Sell Out!

Dudeletter News: We Sell Out!

So, for the those of you who notice stuff like this, I have been updating my site a lot more lately and am starting to think I may have found a system that works for me. So, now that I am working on it, I am working to build some buzz and revenue. In so doing, hopefully I may be able to do more of what I have wanted all along. Big things to come! etc! Few features I want to point out.

Blog Roll
These are Blogs I read regularly, I know Matt Quinn well and he is an impressive writer and report. The other is just silly.

For Sale
This is how I will raise income, as well as ads eventually (though I don’t like ads, but you do what you have to). Dudeletter Reviewed Goods is an Amazon store where you can purchase anything reviewed on the site. It costs you the same as regular Amazon, but we get a cut. The Dudeletter Swag site is a Cafe Press Site where you can purchase any Dudeletter labeled goods you could want.

Social Links
This is how you can help us get our name out there. Facebook Page and Twitter feed are obvious, the YouTube channel lists and stores all videos on this site.

Please help us grow anyway you can!

The Editor.