Dudeletter News: Money!

Dudeletter News: Money!

Dear loyal readers,

In the past 21 days, there have been nearly 500 unique views. This is great representation of the random nature of the internet and, as the bounce rate continues to drop, a representation of ones ability to find a unique corner of the net that they identify with. This being said, I appreciate your interest and searches. In order to keep the website working, I am hoping you can help us. There are now four ways to help us pay our internet rent.

Our “Classifieds” section is to the right now, all of it will help us earn money.

The first two are old. Anything referred to on the site can be purchased through the Amazon A-Store under “Dudeletter Reviewed Goods.” Second are the growing number of Dudeletter items on Cafe Press, eventually they will want us to pay them for a bigger store as well.

The second two are new. The first is an Amazon search bar. Anything searched through that search bar will give us a small percentage, even if we don’t have anything to do with it. So please, if you have an Amazon purchase to make, make it through the Amazon search bar. The second is your standard Google ads. I cannot ask you to click random, that is fraud, but if something interests you please click, it helps us.

Finally, I am prepared to whore myself out for any sponsors out there. If this is done, we will place a banner on our site, but will remove ourselves from reviewing your work.

Nicolas Hoffmann