About and Submit

About and Submit

Welcome to the brain child of Nicolas Hoffmann. This website is the fourth or fifth iteration of the Dudeletter. From its days as a poorly Xeroxed underground newspaper, to blog, to Facebook group, back to blog, from aggregator to original content to the creation of the Myopia: Defend Your Childhood podcast, it has been an odd consuming factor in my life. So, enjoy. If you always wanted to be the guy with weird stories to start conversations, here you go.


Nick Hoffmann, the editor and all around poker and shaker of this web project. I am a historian, brewer and nerd. Luckily, my nerding is mostly cool and productive, like movies, sports, TV, beer and music. All of which, I think is good enough to share. So be ready for my active nerding and welcome to my brainchild.

Matthew W. Quinn grew up in Marietta and graduated from the University of Georgia in 2007. After reporting for three and a half years at The Griffin Daily News, he became editor of The Johns Creek Herald in North Fulton. Though he has worked as a journalist his entire professional career, he aspires to be a full-time writer of speculative fiction. He has sold three pieces of original fantasy and horror, one piece of licensed fiction for BattleTech, and one piece of hard-SF/alternate history. In addition, he is working on a “post-apocalyptic steampunk Western.” In addition to writing for the Dudeletter, he blogs at www.accordingtoquinn.com.

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