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Movie Review: X-Men Apocalypse (2016)

Last night I saw X-Men Apocalypse with my Myopia Defend Your Childhood crew, the same night the podcast on the 2000 film premiered. The Plot In 3600 BC, the mutant En Sabah Nur (Oscar Isaac) is undergoing a transfer of consciousness from one body to another. Unfortunately for him, there’s a rebellion against the “false

What If Stalin Had Survived His Stroke?

My self-ban from the alternate-history forum won’t expire until the end of this week and I might re-ban so I can avoid unnecessary distractions from finishing and submitting Little People, Big Guns over the summer. However, I can still read the forums and I found something else you guys might appreciate… Twilight of the Red Tsar

This Google Chrome App Blocks Trolls AND Their Followers

Internet harassment is a growing problem, especially for women. Unfortunately, it is often very difficult to deal with these characters legally owing to jurisdictional issues, lack of technical knowledge by law enforcement, etc. Since there are few consequences for death threats, rape threats, and general ugliness, people are more and more inclined to do it.

"Salt The Earth," Or How The Valkyrie Junta Could Undermine American-Soviet Alliance

On the Facebook alternate history group this morning, someone posted a question about how World War II could end with Germany retaining at least some territorial gains made under Hitler–think Austria (the most morally defensible, considering this), the Sudetenland, the Polish Corridor, etc. Some people thought that was basically impossible, while others posted various scenarios

A Female Doctor And Bringing Back Romana

I’m not the biggest Doctor Who fan who has ever walked the Earth, but I am tapped into a lot science fiction, fantasy, and horror circles online and I’ve seen a push from some quarters suggesting the next Doctor be female. Here’s one, which complains that Peter Capaldi is “another white guy.” Here’s another article

Blast From The Past Movie Review: X-Men (2000)

The other night for Myopia: Defend Your Childhood, we watched the 2000 film X-Men, which re-ignited public desire for comic-book films after Batman and Robin temporarily killed the genre. I owned a VHS copy of the movie when I was in high school, so this was definitely something I wanted to participate in. Here’s the

A Review of Everybody Wants Some!!

A friend of mine saw Richard Linklater’s nostalgia infused Everybody Wants Some!! He described it as “just two hours of dudes hanging out.” This is probably one of the best micro reviews of a film I’ve seen. It perfectly summarizes Everybody Wants Some!!, it tells you what you need to know about the film, and

Book Review: The Hellbound Heart (1986)

I’ve recently become interested in the Hellraiser franchise after many years, writing a review of the first movie and how I would have done the movie. The first movie, for those not familiar with the franchise, was inspired by the novella The Hellbound Heart. Recently my friends James R. Tuck and Danielle Tuck started a

Blast from the Past Movie Review: The Great Mouse Detective (1986)

Here’s another “Blast from the Past” movie review for a movie that I have never actually seen before, but watched it as part of my friend Nick’s podcast Myopia: Defend Your Childhood. This time, it was The Great Mouse Detective, also known as the one where Sherlock Holmes is a mouse. Here’s the podcast. And

R.E.M.: Life and How They Lived It

By Billy Rudolph R.E.M. became one of the rare bands in the course of music history that established indie cred, activism, pop success, and stayed together over thirty years. I consider R.E.M. my favorite band, and have for years. Reports came in 21 September citing R.E.M. has ‘broken up’. But is it a break up?

Reflection on 9/11 from Billy Rudolph

It took me several years of reflection to realize the complete impact 9/11 had on my life, the way I interact with certain people, and how the world changed around me. The months following 9/11 my school and community became incredibly united, filled with patriotism one never thought would run dry. However, overtime the true