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My NFL 2012 Predictions

It’s that time again my dear readers… as the leaves turn red and fall off, people bare their colors and loyalties, arguments and bets are made, lofty goals and promises made and broken every week, all for the thrill and spectacle of one of America’s finest traditions. No, I’m not talking about the upcoming Presidential

Prometheus Review

When it comes to cinematic science fiction, few directors have done more groundbreaking work in the genre than Ridley Scott. Back in the eighties, Scott was behind two of the biggest science fiction films ever made, Alien and Blade Runner. The former is famed for being a terrifying genre-bending deep space adventure that gave birth

The Avengers Review

It’s finally summer blockbuster season, and here to send off the summer with a bang, is the first of many hotly anticipated movies this year, The Avengers. In what will be the first ensemble comic book movie, and the penultimate result of the unprecedented scale of interconnected Marvel superhero films kicking off with 2008’s Iron

The Three Stooges

Aside from maybe Monty Python, few things can have be laughing to the point of hysterics faster than the Three Stooges. One of a number of vaudville-esque acts that made the early transition to the silver screen, the beloved slapstick trio of Larry, Moe and Curly, have left people in stitches for almost a full

John Carter

Very few names carry as much weight and reverence in the science fiction community as John Carter of Mars. This shouldn’t be of any surprise, given that the Edgar Rice Burroughs’ serials provided the birth of modern science fiction and fantasy, and in many ways, caused the rise of both genres in both literature and