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Dad’s Garage Theater – I’m Not Making this Shit Up

By Salvador Malo Like the period in my life when I stopped reading expiration dates, my first experience with improv comedy left a sour taste in my mouth. Who could blame me? I thought improv comedy would always range between college aged numbskulls playing mad libs on stage, or jabbing quick (but rarely funny) pokes

Hartsfield: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Delta

I’m a consultant. That means my life is basically identical to George Clooney’s in the film, “Up In the Air,” only minus the attractive people in hotel bars, giant parties to crash, and the all night benders where you are magically fresh in the morning. However, Clooney’s character and I do share a common thread,

Noot d’ Noot: There and Back Again Review of a Funk Revolution

by Salvador Malo I was a musical late bloomer. While all of my friends circled around Offspring and Smash Mouth (ok, a little exaggeration on that second one), my musical exposure was limited to my dad’s violin practice and my mom’s Enya tapes*. It took some good friends and a lot of weed, but I

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