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And now a moment from Michael Kraus

Sometimes, we all need someone to be more belligerent than we are to rant for us. So here, angry for no reason, is Michael Kraus, Michael? I wrote the below as a response, but forgot to send it! Not sure if its too late! ——————————————————— none of these are scored, just random lists of s**t………

Top Five: So, You are Dating a Nerd…. Documentary Edition

So, you’re dating a nerd. It’s ok, it can happen to the best of us. Since the New York Times stated that Nerds make the best lovers in the early 2000s (I would link to the article, but NYTimes charges for that now), many reciprocating articles have come up; including The 10 Real Reasons Why

Top Five (Seven this Time): Children Cartoons that were sent to War

When you look at your childhood, you, like me, were most likely raised in part by cartoons. The bubbly and ridiculous filled in where parent felt uncomfortable. However, your favorite childhood cartoonists often did more than fill your youth. In fact, the government paid many of them to make sure you hate who you were

Top Five: Adult Cereals (Not the Porn Kind, but Close)

When you are a kid, the cereals you eat are based on two things, the toys inside and the cartoon that they advertise on. Well, that and whether or not your parents buy it. However, thanks to Jerry Seinfeld, cereal became for adults. Most where fairly boring, like a Special K, Korn Flakes, unsweetened Rice