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Dad’s Garage Theater – I’m Not Making this Shit Up

By Salvador Malo Like the period in my life when I stopped reading expiration dates, my first experience with improv comedy left a sour taste in my mouth. Who could blame me? I thought improv comedy would always range between college aged numbskulls playing mad libs on stage, or jabbing quick (but rarely funny) pokes

Cywydd y Cedor

Thanks to the magic of the random article generator on wikipedia, I have discovered a classic poem from what is considered the greatest female poet of the welsh language. The poet is Gwerful Mechain and the poem is Cywydd y Cedor written in the 1480s, first in Welsh, then English. gan Gwerful Mechain Pob rhyw

Geek A Week Challenge

I have discovered a fantastic cartoonist who has given himself the Geek A Week Challenge. In the form of playing cards, he has selected, thus far, 37 geeks for our collective pleasure, here is a selection of my favorites thus far. Related PostsColbert and the Winter Olympics