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Dudeletter Guide to Colds, part 2

The Sniffles! Sneezing and congestion are the standard complaints of any head cold. Here are the three basic kinds. Running/drippy/sneezy nose! This is where the antihistamine comes in. Nose/nostrils clear but sinuses filled? Afrin or Sudafed are the goals. Back of your throat slimy or heavy productive cough? You need an expectorant, like mucinex. Several?

New York has another infestation

Mouse-eating opossums run amok in Brooklyn By HEATHER HADDON Last Updated: 7:07 AM, September 19, 2010 Posted: 1:33 AM, September 19, 2010 The city played possum — and Brooklyn residents lost. In a bizarre attempt to outwit Mother Nature, city officials introduced beady-eyed opossums in Brooklyn years ago to scarf down rats running amok in

Pooping-bot considered a total not waste of technology

In order to create truly autonomous robots that can sustain themselves without human intervention, it’s necessary to first create a way for them to fuel themselves. While engineering our ‘bots to plug themselves into the wall is one solution, robotics researchers envision the androids of the future consuming waste and biomass to generate power to

Einstein and Gates

“In 1939, Albert Einstein sent ‘F.D. Roosevelt, President of the United States,’ a letter with a warning about Germany’s interest in a new type of energy with potential for use as a powerful bomb. The letter also outlined the competitive threat posed by Germany and steps for improving US research efforts. Last week, Bill Gates,