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Book Review: Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell (2016)

I first became interested in the Hellraiser horror franchise when I was in middle or high school, although I lost interest for a long time. Over the last few months my interest has been rekindled–I watched the original Hellraiser for the first time and read the novel that inspired it, The Hellbound Heart. At some

Book Review: Independence Day: Crucible (2016)

Last week I saw the big-budget science fiction epic Independence Day: Resurgence, a film that left much to be desired. Here’s my review. The podcast Myopia: Defend Your Childhood will be doing a special podcast to discuss the film, much like we did for Jurassic World last summer. I’ll also do a “how I would have

Book Review: Bigfoot Crank Stomp

I have recently decided to try to finish the first draft of my novel Little People, Big Guns, which almost certainly qualifies as bizarro, this coming summer. I decided to do some research into the genre, so I bought Erik Williams’ horror novel Bigfoot Crank Stomp, which I first became aware of after meeting representatives

Book Review: The Hellbound Heart (1986)

I’ve recently become interested in the Hellraiser franchise after many years, writing a review of the first movie and how I would have done the movie. The first movie, for those not familiar with the franchise, was inspired by the novella The Hellbound Heart. Recently my friends James R. Tuck and Danielle Tuck started a

My Trunk Novels, Fan-Fic, and One Million Words

The other day I was listening to the Writing Excuses podcast in which they interviewed Charlie Holmberg, who said she had finished nine novels before she sold one. That was mildly worrying, as I’m currently pitching The Thing in the Woods (got a full-manuscript request from an agent who’s an AAR member ten minutes after querying,


Over the next couple months, I’m going to be revamping my Kindle short-story project considerably. I have already removed two stories and have set several to leave KDP Select when the 90-period they’re committed for expires. Once that happens, I will remove several from Amazon completely and make the remainder–my three best–permanently free. It started

Blast from the Past Book Review: THE WOLFEN (1978)

Back when I was living in McDonough and working for The Griffin Daily News, I checked out from the library an ancient copy of Whitley Strieber’s 1978 debut horror novel The Wolfen, which in 1981 was adapted into a questionable horror film featuring Edward James Olmos. This was either before The World According To Quinn

My "Save the GOP" Reading List

Last year I wrote a few thousand words on a political book tentatively entitled A Republican Party That Can Win California. I discussed some of the issues and themes I would touch upon in earlier blog posts on topics like the economic philosophy of distributism, ways conservative-leaning organizations like the National Rifle Association and the Boy

Flashing Steel, Flashing Fire: A Short Story Collection by Matthew Quinn

Review by Nicolas Hoffmann As many of you know and at least one astute reader mentioned before, Matthew Quinn is a frequent contributor to The Dudeletter and, thus, when I reviewed works of his before, I was not duly critical. I talked to Matt about this and told him that if I were to review