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Eddie Spaghetti – The Value of Nothing

  In a recent interview with Marc Maron on WTF, Huey Lewis, from Huey Lewis and the News talked about pop music. Effectively, what this boiled down to was that he understood how tastes change overtime, however, he felt like his music was different because he didn’t have “naughty bits” in his music. What he

And now a moment from Michael Kraus

Sometimes, we all need someone to be more belligerent than we are to rant for us. So here, angry for no reason, is Michael Kraus, Michael? I wrote the below as a response, but forgot to send it! Not sure if its too late! ——————————————————— none of these are scored, just random lists of s**t………

Dudeletter: Music 2012: List 3

Frequent (ish) and impressive contributor Scott Miller presents this powerful and pretension list. 1. Grizzly Bear – Half Gate 2. Kishi Bashi – Bright Whites 3. Animal Collective – Wide Eyed 4. Metz – Wet Blanket 5. St. Vincent – Krokodil 6. Fang Island – Chime Out 7. Gorillaz/LCD/Andre3000 – Do Ya Thing 8. Dr.

Nick’s Mix 15

I will say out right that there is something very odd about these mixes, about 12-22. There is something ridiculous. Clearly I wanted to like darker music, but don’t like know. I didn’t play the mixes much. They follow no rules, to the point that I created the rule to prevent this. Bouncing Around The