Book Review: Tipping Points

Book Review: Tipping Points

I have tried to start this review like four times. I am not a business book kind of guy, in general. Frankly, I got in to this book and Outliers because I was thinking it would read more economic like Freakanomics or something like that or perhaps psychological, but there is something interesting about it. There is a, to quote my buddy Matt, a Nietzschean will to power feeling about it. He boils down people and societal movement to the movers and shakers, “Connectors, are the people in a community who know large numbers of people and who are in the habit of making introductions. A connector is essentially the social equivalent of a computer network hub. Mavens are “information specialists”, or “people we rely upon to connect us with new information.”Salesmen are “persuaders”, charismatic people with powerful negotiation skills.” I am possibly one, pretending to be another, wishing to be the third. Interesting break down of society.

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