Brew Dude – Years first Christmas Beers, 21st Amendment – Fireside Chat and Shiner Cheer

Brew Dude – Years first Christmas Beers, 21st Amendment – Fireside Chat and Shiner Cheer

Ah, the Christmas season. Among the many things I love about it, including the familiar TV Specials and the trees are the spices. Everything is colored with the tang and treasure of new spices; from eggnog in the stores, to cinnamon brooms, to fruit cakes, to beer. Christmas beer starts to swing up around the Halloween period, but by late October early November these high gravity, high spiced relaxing beers are out in force.

Unlike the divine Genesis 15:15 which drinks like a gravy, the 21st Amendment – Fireside Chat is a smooth refreshing drink. The spices are clear with subtle hints of vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg. The flavors flow seamlessly together and meld into a perfect subtle mix. The beer is highly drinkable and complex. It is an excellent start to the season, while not trying to be so much that it is overwhelming. However, this is a miraculous beer compared to my next beer.

If you imagine Christmassy/wintry flavors. You tend to think rich and heavy; spiced, yet refined. Apparently at Shiner, they think cheap and blunt. While I do like their famous Bock, I feel like Shiner has crossed into the beer of the macro brew. Unfortunately, whereas a Coors or a Pabst is not great, but meh, Shiner Cheer is virtually undrinkable. Rather than an array of spices, their beer is only vanilla, and not good vanilla. It is the cheapest, most generic vanilla flavor imaginable. Is it quenching? No. It is the thinnest beer I have had in a long time. This is by far, the worst beer I have had in a long time. Whereas I clearly did not enjoy Sweetwater’s Ghoulash, I understood the concept of trying to sweep together your remaining ingredients and hope for the best. Shiner’s Cheer is not only terrible, which it is, there is no definable quality to it. It clearly had a plan, it was just so bad that there is no excuse.


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