Music: Top five for the Week of 6/18

Music: Top five for the Week of 6/18

As with most Americans with an internet connection, I have a large music collection in a completely un-suspicious way. So in an effort to get people to read this train wreck of a blog I have had an idea to recreate the interest in the absurdity of this website. So without further ado. The Top Five for the Week of 6/18: White Guy Songs.

As you can imagine with such a concept, there will be building tension as to what I have chosen, there will be little reasoning and even less dignity. So while you may wonder why on earth I made the decisions I made, I did so because I boldly can.

The Top Five for the Week of 6/18: White Guy Songs. Are you proud to be painfully white? So are these guys. They may imitate hip hop, R&B, or Rap, but in the end the songs are as cracker as you can get.

5. “Weird Al” Yankovic – White and Nerdy

I know what you are thinking, way to pick the obvious choice Dude. First of all, up yours, second of all this is not only the quintessential song in this category, but with 62 million views on youtube and a stint on the the billboard top 100, it is impossible not to choose this. Besides, I could do this entire list with only Weird Al songs. Since I won’t though, may as well just go for the gusto.

4. Dynamite Hack – Boyz in the Hood.

This song is a white guy rap to a slow guitar rift. Parody of Blackbird, gangster rap, and really fun to sing. Also my wife hates it. However, the music is solid and is the whitest gangster rap of all.

3. Barenaked Ladies – One Week
For some reason, Barenaked Ladies Disabled Embedding, Here is the Link
Ok, so this is partially because lately around here there has been a radio station doing 90’s nights, however Ed Robertson’s rapping in this video is the most amazing white guy rapping (not white rapper – sorry that is Eminem). “Chickity China” indeed.

2. Weezer – Buddy Holly

Now Weezer fans can be melancholy and vicious. “Man, any album after their first two sucked,” “They Sold out,” “MUPPETS!?!?!?!,” etc. However their breakout album is phenomenal no matter who you are and their sing-songy 1950’s rock in Buddy Holly is just amazing, not to mention filled with some of the nerdiest lyrics ever.

1. Ben Folds – Rockin’ the Suburbs

Finally, number one. Could you honestly go any other way? It is a white guy ballad to being a loser. However much better does this get?

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