Nontraditional Top Five 7/17: Strong Bad Emails!

Nontraditional Top Five 7/17: Strong Bad Emails!

Since I was in college, I have been a huge Homestar Runner fan. I like the non sequitur humor, I love the absurdist jokes. I like the well defined characters. Homestar Runner is a fantastic example of internet humor that is family friendly, but still has a wide appeal. I have met the Mike and Matt Chapman only once, at a job day at our shared High School Alma Mater, Atlanta’s own Marist School. Even if you didn’t catch the subtle references to some of our high school’s teachers, Homestar Runner’s cast probably touched your own mind as caricatures of people you know.

I know pretty much the entire internet has seen at least three Strong Bad E-mails, but in case you have not, the premise is simple. Fans e-mail a character named Strong Bad, a wrestler from the NES Game Tag Team Wrestling. His answering of these emails, 205 at this point, has created some of the internet’s best and longest lasting memes of the last ten years. (BTW: the three that every one has probably seen are Dragon (Trogdor), Japanese Cartoon, and Techno). Of course, these are classics and if you have not seen them, you need to, however, I would love to share my favorites which are lessor known.

Why do this post? Well a few things. As a cultural commentator, I would love to interview the brothers Chaps, more than almost anyone else. Second, there have been only three posts of new cartoons since November of 2009 and I worry the site is dead. Finally, how could you not want a little safe for work humor. So, enjoy and if you know the Chaps brothers tell them to contact me, I want to buy them a beer.

1. For Kids #110 – This goofy little email addresses what a kid’s show starring Strong Bad would be like. He decides Homsar would be a better choice; Homsar then introduces the Stave it off guy.

2. Mini-Golf #174 – This email goes back to the Sweet Cuppin’ Cakes land of silliness and turns it into a mini-golf course.

3. virus #118 – In this email, Strong Bad opens an email that he shouldn’t have and gets not one virus, but 400,000 viruses, which is not a small number.

4. Independent #203 – In this email, Strong Bad defines the difference between Independent Films and Indie Films, after seeing Terrance Mallick’s Tree of Life, I feel with Strong Bad.

5. Nightlife #185 – This simple email asks about the nightlife in Strong Badia and ends up with Strong Bad dropping trou in a club.

Go forth and watch them! Go to and maybe they will revive the site! Post your favorites!