Noot d’Noot at the Earl; Funk, Sax and Love.

Noot d’Noot at the Earl; Funk, Sax and Love.

To put it bluntly, Animal Collective and Noot d’Noot could not be more opposing. As discussed in the Animal Collective Review, while fun, the concert was indifferent. There was a general dejection of the audience and what their desired music was in favor of the cacophony of the new music they wanted to try. Noot d’Noot is not this way.

An idle Saturday night’s thirst for musical fun was quenched by the siren song of the Earl in East Atlanta. The vibes of hipsterness were reinforced by the giant spray painted Pabst Can on the side of the venue, met with the intriguing discussion of good beer. However, upon entering the back room for the Noot d’Noot 7″ release party, but pretension melted away. The music is fun and inviting, the atmosphere welcomes the absurd family welcoming of the most awkward of dancing. The air fills with music and cigarette smoke as the people danced in ridiculous frenzy and drank tall-boys of Pabst.

The bands honest love of funk and the big band sound is only matched by their sense of fun and the desire for the audience to share that fun. The band cares that we love them and celebrates that, there is none of the novelty urging of the cliched, “we will play your favorites after this song from our new album.”

In the end, if you hear a single from them, you will wonder about the music or the dream. Could the concert have been this much fun? Listening in retrospect, it may be hard to discern. However, the dream was real. In Atlanta, like a joke you cannot tell, it is hearing it live, that first time, where the magic is strongest. Noot d’Noot is a well I hope to go back to many times. Besides, I can’t dance, and there is no better way to get practice.

Watch their 60-Second Concert Video here