Podcast Consulting

Podcast Consulting

Dudeletter Podcasting helps your brand reach new audiences. Podcasting is a multi-billion dollar industry that allows you to have a more intimate and direct contact with individuals. While getting your podcast noticed and heard requires skill and a little bit of luck, no other media format allows you to get as close to your subscribers.

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Dudeletter Podcasting offers the following services:

At the most basic level, Dudeletter Podcasting Consulting is how you can develop your own business/project ideas. We will meet and discuss potential podcasting and audio avenues to improve your business, gain customers, and develop your ideas. This can also be used to improve on existing audio products that you have.

Once an idea is created, Dudeletter Podcasting offers development. Through this process we will develop a podcast idea and create between one and three sample episodes. From there, you can either hire on Dudeletter podcasting to continue editing or develop your own podcasting team. However, this process is designed to help you develop ideas and create a finished product along with several actionable items.

  • Series: Dudeletter Podcasting can help you develop a set number of podcast episodes. This can be a class with a set number of classes, a lecture series with a set number of lectures, or an established project with a certain number of ideas.
  • Ongoing: If your project is designed to continue for an undetermined amount of time or episodes, Dudeletter Podcasting can charge a project initiation fee, a “days on-site fee” and then a fee per episode. All the sounds like a lot, but if your project is ongoing it actually will be the cheapest option.

Other Services:
Listed above are a series of big project ideas. However, this is not for everyone. Dudeletter Podcasting can also help you develop new materials out of existing ones, train staff to create their own materials, edit, and other podcasting related projects.

  • Lessons: Dudeletter podcasting can teach you recording techniques, hosting, and basic sound editing. Additionally, we can provide social networking consultation to help you grow your brand through social media.
  • Editing: Dudeletter podcasting can create materials into a more edited form; such as, if audio is collected from a conference or a man on the street style project, we can edit down into set materials or set lengths.
  • Conversion: If you or your organization has recorded speeches, lectures, or audio of other sorts, we can turn that into a podcast or series of podcasts.
  • Hosting: Most of the hosting done for various project will be done by the company hiring Dudeletter Podcasting. However, Dudeletter Podcast can host and upload projects for an additional fee.

All services have fees and price sheets can be discussed upon contact. If you’re interested in communicating with us about such projects, send an email to dudeletter@gmail.com or call 404-487-8279.