September 11th – Ten years later

September 11th – Ten years later

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Ten years ago, September 11th, 2001, the entire world was witness to both the very worst and very best of mankind. It would be a day that shook the world to it’s very foundations, and will prove the defining moment in the lives of an entire rising generation.

On that day ten years ago, in an act of unparalleled barbarism in the modern age, nineteen terrorists working for Islamic extremist group Al Qaeda hijacked four airplanes and crashed three of them into the Pentagon and both towers of the World Trade Center. A fourth, Flight 93, never reached its target thanks to the courageous actions of the passengers. While a few savages hiding in caves celebrated this unforgivable act, the rest of the world watched in horror as the towers fell and too many lives were snuffed out in an instant.

Even in this darkest hour, there was a light that shone for the entire world to see. The heroic men and women of the NYPD, Fire Department, search and rescue workers, and many others run inside the towers while all others ran out, with many sacrificing their own lives in the hopes of saving someone else. The passengers of Flight 93 refused to let the terrorists have their way, and fought to keep the plane from reaching its target, sacrificing their lives in the process. Even as the Twin Towers fell, America and the free world would stand up as one, proving that the tree of liberty proved far harder to kill than they would believe. In the weeks that followed, the free world stood together united like never before, and in time, would lash out in hot fury against the Islamist radicals that would have seen us destroyed.

The decade-long War on Terror, though difficult at times, has at long last begun to come to fruition. After a decade of fighting on their home front, Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups in ruins, and much of their membership in graves, with Osama bin Laden himself getting his ticket to hell this year, courtesy of the Navy SEALS. Afghanistan is no longer run by the mullahs and misogynists, and Iraq has seen Democracy take root where the Butcher of Baghdad once reigned supreme. Even now, riots are sweeping the various Arab dictatorships in the region, with Gadaffi and Assad likely to got the way of Saddam, in a movement that looks awfully similar to the same sorts of riots that saw the Iron Curtain torn to shreds. In a large part thanks to the valiant sacrifices of our soldiers, a more peaceful world seems to be within grasp.

Yet we at home must not forget to have that same courage for ourselves, and remember what is really important in our country. That sense of unity and togetherness we had in the aftermath of the attacks needs to be rekindled, not just for national unity in a day where political partisanship seems to be the order of the day, but because try as we might, we can no more go back to a pre-9/11 way of life that our forefather’s could go back to the way things were before Pearl Harbor. As a people, we must harness not the apathy of 9/10, the terror of 9/11, but the spirit of 9/12.

For now hoever, let us mourn our dead, hail our heroes, and hope that we as a people never forget that fateful September morning. God bless America, and long live liberty.