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Bonnaroo Revoo: Judah Friedlander, American Splendor, and the Cinema and Comedy Tents.

Over the last few months, I have worked hard at becoming a comedy nerd. I love listening to the Nerdist and WTF, Spotify supplies me with comedy albums, and Netflix with great movies and classic comedy shows. On the TV, though, I have my personal favorites. Near the top of the list is 30 Rock,

Bonnaroo: The Recovery

Dear Dudeletter Fans, I have returned in triumph from Bonnaroo, a massive sociological music experiment in Manchester, TN. An small get together, where 80,000 of your closest friends get to together to listen to roughly 1,000,000 bands over the course of four days. On 12 stages, including one designed to hold all 80,000 people, one

The Three Stooges

Aside from maybe Monty Python, few things can have be laughing to the point of hysterics faster than the Three Stooges. One of a number of vaudville-esque acts that made the early transition to the silver screen, the beloved slapstick trio of Larry, Moe and Curly, have left people in stitches for almost a full

Dad’s Garage Theater – I’m Not Making this Shit Up

By Salvador Malo Like the period in my life when I stopped reading expiration dates, my first experience with improv comedy left a sour taste in my mouth. Who could blame me? I thought improv comedy would always range between college aged numbskulls playing mad libs on stage, or jabbing quick (but rarely funny) pokes

The Muppets

What is there to say about the Muppets? Jim Henson’s famous puppets have found a place in the hearts of millions since their inception, and have found their way to the silver screen a few times as well. In spite of no major media appearances for the better part of a decade, to say nothing

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