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This Google Chrome App Blocks Trolls AND Their Followers

Internet harassment is a growing problem, especially for women. Unfortunately, it is often very difficult to deal with these characters legally owing to jurisdictional issues, lack of technical knowledge by law enforcement, etc. Since there are few consequences for death threats, rape threats, and general ugliness, people are more and more inclined to do it.

Google starts being evil

US turns up heat on Google as probe set By Stephanie Kirchgaessner in Washington and Richard Waters in San Francisco Published: November 11 2010 01:31 | Last updated: November 11 2010 01:31 Google is facing a far more hostile environment in Washington than it has seen in years, including a new investigation by the Federal

Fox’s Friends

“CNET is reporting that Avast has tracked over 2.6 million instances of malware that have been served up to unsuspecting web surfers since last December by ad services such as Yahoo’s Yield Manager, Fox Audience Network’s Fimserve.com and even some from Google’s DoubleClick. Some high-profile sites include The New York Times, Drudge Report.com, TechCrunch and

Google enters the Internet business, fiber opticly

St. Louis is applying to become a test market for Google’s experimental ultra-fast fiber optic Internet service. The proposed broadband network’s 1 gigabit-per-second speed would be 100 times faster than the Internet access most Americans have today, said James Kelly, product manager on Google’s infrastructure team in a video posted on Google’s blog. Speeds like

Giving Google the Power

By MARK PETERS U.S. energy regulators approved a request by Google Inc. to become an electricity marketer, allowing the Internet giant to buy and sell bulk power like a utility. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission unanimously backed Google’s application for what is known as market-based rate authority. The Internet company currently doesn’t own generation facilities

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