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Apple is once more being evil

Apple may be looking to lock out unauthorized iOS users By Chris Foresman | Last updated about 20 hours ago Apple has applied for a patent on a method to differentiate between authorized and unauthorized users of a particular iOS device. Once an unauthorized user is detected, the device can then automatically disable certain features

Porn Leads the Way

(CNN) — It was just days after the release of the iPad — Apple’s slate computer heralded as a tool for gaming, book and magazine reading and Web consumption — when the announcement arrived. One of the world’s biggest porn companies claimed it had created a way to stream its videos onto the device, skipping

Apple is late with the iPad, there is a pregnancy joke there.

(CNN) — Apple’s eagerly anticipated iPad will be available in the United States on April 3, the company said Friday. Wi-Fi models of the tablet-style computer will go on sale that Saturday, while ones with Wi-Fi and 3G networks will be released later in the month. Customers can start pre-ordering the iPad on Apple’s online

I know this sounds boring, but Generic Kindles, screw the iPad

“Microsoft says it has reached a wide-ranging IP agreement with Amazon in which each company has granted the other a license to its patent portfolio. Microsoft says the agreement covers technologies in products such as Amazon’s Kindle — including open-source and proprietary technologies used in the e-reader — in addition to the use of Linux-based servers. Microsoft issued a news release celebrating the accord, while Amazon declined to comment. ‘We are pleased to have entered into this patent license agreement with Amazon.com,’ said Microsoft’s deputy general counsel. ‘Microsoft’s patent portfolio is the largest and strongest in the software industry, and this agreement demonstrates our mutual respect for intellectual property as well as our ability to reach pragmatic solutions to IP issues regardless of whether proprietary or open source software is involved.’ A Microsoft representative declined to say which of its products are covered by the deal.”