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Star Trek Into Darkness: The search for the Title’s Colon.

I have no idea where my nerdiness comes from (though spellchecker may be helping; it wants to change nerdiness to neediness).  When I was growing up, my parents didn’t watch Star Trek and I think the first time I saw Star Wars was with a baby sitter. However, I know who got me hooked to

The Avengers Review

It’s finally summer blockbuster season, and here to send off the summer with a bang, is the first of many hotly anticipated movies this year, The Avengers. In what will be the first ensemble comic book movie, and the penultimate result of the unprecedented scale of interconnected Marvel superhero films kicking off with 2008’s Iron

“Avengers” Review (Spoilers)

Saw “The Avengers” last night.  The movie absolutely rocked.  Here’s why: The Good The best part of this movie is Joss Whedon’s script.  It’s so well-done that the movie functions just as well as a comedy as a superhero film without being unintentionally funny (the danger with this kind of thing) at all.  The funniest

The Dudeletter Movie List: Student Edition

My cherished Dudeletter readers, I felt the itch for ranking things. After applying the proper powders, I looked to my Cultural Studies Class. After talking about which movies to watch, there was some interest and some confusion. I became curious in which movies students had seen and which ones they had not. Like all movie

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