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My Opinion on Four Common Relationship Questions

Today dear readers, is Valentines Day. As you are all aware that this holiday has dual meanings. If your are lucky enough to be dating someone, this usually means a romantic date, a passionate night, and giving gifts like chocolates, teddy bears and bouquets of dying plants. If you are single, celebrating this holiday usually


It’s not often that a movie can escape my attention, and often times when they do, it is for good reason. Take Chronicle for example – until trailers for it started popping up about a month ago, I’d never heard a word about it. Even then, my impression was that it was the latest in

The Grey

Liam Neeson is one of my favorite actors for a reason, known for his consistently solid performances from Schindler’s List to Taken, plus courtesy of the most recognizable Celtic accent this side of Sean Connery, he has been the voice of beloved characters from the Chronicles of Narnia to Fallout 3. 2012 looks to be

Red Tails

Few historical events have given us as many marvelous tales of triumph and heroism as World War II, and few of the tales of triumph and heroism in World War II can match that of the Tuskegee Airmen. Facing discrimination at home from their countrymen and fighting an enemy overseas that viewed them as subhuman,

The Muppets

What is there to say about the Muppets? Jim Henson’s famous puppets have found a place in the hearts of millions since their inception, and have found their way to the silver screen a few times as well. In spite of no major media appearances for the better part of a decade, to say nothing

Immortals Review

300 is one of my all-time favorite films, so when a movie claims to be it’s successor, I tend to take notice. The movie that made this claim was Immortals, the latest 3D sword-and-sandals epic to be churned out in Hollywood lately. However, unlike the last few, for some reason the film looked intriguing to

Why I hate Dubstep

My dear readers, as any of you know, there is an aural plague bit by bit, infesting our nation, growing ever-larger one person at a time. It’s wup-wup-filled thumping is more tortuous to a sound mind than a chorus of demons, and yet this maddening melody grows ever louder. As any one who has set

In Time Review

In my opinion, Andrew Niccol is one of the finest science fiction directors in Hollywood today. He cut his teeth as a filmmaker with Gattaca, which remains one of the most underrated cinematic masterpieces of my lifetime, and almost single-handedly sounded the alarm bell about the darker possibilities of genetic engineering. He would then make