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Eddie Spaghetti – The Value of Nothing

  In a recent interview with Marc Maron on WTF, Huey Lewis, from Huey Lewis and the News talked about pop music. Effectively, what this boiled down to was that he understood how tastes change overtime, however, he felt like his music was different because he didn’t have “naughty bits” in his music. What he

Smells like 20 years – A look back at Nirvana and Nevermind

Read the original article here. For fans of rock music like myself, last saturday was an anniversary of great importance to the genre. Released twenty years ago to the day, a little known grunge rock trio saw the release of their latest album, hoping to themselves that the album might see them get as much recognition as

Are you ready for some football?

Read the original article here Ah, NFL Opening Day… for the next five months, millions will tune in and turn out to witness the greatest sports spectacle ever conceived, gridiron football. After a brief lockout that threatened to cut this year’s season short, at long last, the 2011 season will kickoff today, much to the