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Incursion Report: Highway 86, Arizona

ABOVE TOP SECRET TO: (Redacted) FROM: (Redacted) SUBJECT: Arizona Incursion THE INCIDENT The day we have all feared has finally arrived. The extraterrestrial conflict that has been brewing in the outer solar system since the late 1990s has finally spread to Earth. Although our reconnaissance has been spotty at best, our space telescope detected energy

John Carter

Very few names carry as much weight and reverence in the science fiction community as John Carter of Mars. This shouldn’t be of any surprise, given that the Edgar Rice Burroughs’ serials provided the birth of modern science fiction and fantasy, and in many ways, caused the rise of both genres in both literature and

In Time Review

In my opinion, Andrew Niccol is one of the finest science fiction directors in Hollywood today. He cut his teeth as a filmmaker with Gattaca, which remains one of the most underrated cinematic masterpieces of my lifetime, and almost single-handedly sounded the alarm bell about the darker possibilities of genetic engineering. He would then make

Book Review: Pressure Suite – Digital Science Fiction Anthology 3

For devoted writers and readers, literary magazines have been a long time staple for both, especially for fans and contributors of the so-called ‘pulp’ genres (fantasy, science fiction, horror and mystery). Magazines like Analog, Weird Tales, Asimov’s Science Fiction and the like have for the longest time provided a proving grounds for up-and-coming writers, and