Top Five: Christmas Time TV Specials!

Top Five: Christmas Time TV Specials!

Well, its Holiday TV Time again Dudeletter readers and there are a few things to avoid. In general, ABC Family and Lifetime are gonna suck, holiday season or not, so the promise of a string of terrible new movies does not excite me. However, there are a few classics and new ones I would always recommend.

1. A Charlie Brown Christmas – I have a full article about this special coming out soon so I will not go on and on about it, but there is something sublimely beautiful about it. While simple it is relate-able. Excellent.

2. How The Grinch Stole Christmas – I know what you are thinking. Thanks Romanian bootleg websites! No, what you are thinking is will I choose anything made in the last 20 years? The answer is yes, but I do want to make time for classics. I believe that a major part of the holiday season should be nostalgia; the setting up of decorations and watching and eating things that one time a year. The Chuck Jones animation and the Boris Karloff singing brings me home everytime.

3. A Colbert Christmas – I cannot post the whole thing, it is too new to be public domain, but it is fantastic enjoy this taste. The special is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. The music is catchy and even though Billy makes fun of me for this my ADD compulsion compelled me to memorize this soundtrack. I must have listened to it a hundred times. Listen to it, you will love it.

4. Scrubs – “My Own Personal Jesus.” This is on Netflix, so you may not be able to see it, but the episode is on a lot and youTube has it in a million chunks and pieces. This is probably the most powerful emotional Christmas Special I had seen in years. The music, like all of early Scrubs episodes, was incredible and the weight is heavy. If you have never seen Scrubs, the emotion and innocence is top priority. I love the attachment the viewer feels to the cast. In the later seasons, the relations fall apart, but in this episode, the show is near perfection.

5. Seinfeld – “Festivus”. I want to say, I know that everyone loves this show and this episode, and with good reason. In nearly every way, I believe that Seinfeld is one of the top five shows ever made and I believe that this episode shows why. There is never an extraneous character, all the main characters have a point, and the show is both funny and satirically pointed to the end. Everything from the stress of the holidays highlighted in the feats of strength to the hatred of office gifts, this is incredible.

Honorable Mention – Simpsons – Holidays of Future’s Past. I know that the first episode of the Simpsons ever was their Christmas special (not unlike that South Park Christmas Card). However, I think many of their Christmas specials are overplayed and while clever, they are not classics and often forced. However, this years special was incredible. I hope this Simpsons renaissance lasts and it was incredible.


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