Top Five: Comedy Songs, Actually Singers 2: Electric Boogaloo

Top Five: Comedy Songs, Actually Singers 2: Electric Boogaloo

I wanted to challenge myself with the same as before, but this time I want the songs to be work appropriate, I did well, I think.

1. Tenacious D – Wonderboy

One of the songs that sold me on Tenacious D. I know that I was a late bloomer in this aspect, but man is this funny.

2. Flight of the Conchords – Most Beautiful Girl in the Room

This song sold me on the Flight of the Conchords. I had not seen the show or realized that it would be a phenomenon, but this song was incredible. So light and airy, but really funny. Had all the satire of modern rock/love songs, but done so sarcastically it was love at first listen.

3. They Might Be Giants – Istanbul, not Constantinople

Back in the pre-internet days, the only way a music video could get out was MTV or apparently Tiny Toon Adventures. The songs were great and the videos impressive. I later found this CD on the side of the road. Funny funny stuff.

4. Stephen Lynch – Vanilla Ice Cream

This is the opening track of the Craig Machine by Stephen Lynch. He is an amazing lyricist. He is clever and witty. His wit is dry and funny. He is completely satiric and just incredible, and how could you not love a last line like Strom Thermon?

5. Monty Python – The Lumberjack Song

This is such a classic, I am embarrassed, but how could you lose.