Top Five: Comedy Songs, Actually Singers

Top Five: Comedy Songs, Actually Singers

I wanted to do another funny song post, because, since these post Sunday, I figure start off Monday with a good laugh. I know that in the modern world there are singers with humorous skill, but honestly, the reason I like Weird Al is that while nerdy, he is always appropriate. Many of these are truly funny, but NSFW so be aware.

1. Lonely Island – Mother Lover (NSFW)

Ok, I got hooked with “Dick in a Box,” but when I saw this one on SNL live, I lost it. Enjoy.

2. Flight of the Conchords – Carol Brown

Probably the best song for overall quality on the Flight of the Conchords TV show, this video is incredible and a wonderful parody and the song is amazing.

3. Pat McCurdy – Sex and Beer (No Bad Words, but Probably NSWF)

This song was introduced to me by my first college roommate Richard and it became a drunken anthem for the end of the night at a Hoffmann party.

4. Stephen Lynch – Beelz (No Bad Words, but Probably NSWF)

I had heard some really stupid early songs by Stephen Lynch like Special Olympics, which are funny but with no depth. However, when I heard this album (The Craig Machine) I may have never laughed harder.

5. Tenacious D – F**k Her Gently (NSFW) – Note: Video here is also NSFW

This video and song are hilarious. While Jack Black as an actor is hit or miss, and the Tenacious D movie was a disaster, their classic songs are great. Like most albums that bounce between skits and songs, there is a lot missing in the skits, but the music is funny and the video was done by John K of Ren and Stimpy fame.


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