Top Five for the Week of 6/25: Happy Songs!

Top Five for the Week of 6/25: Happy Songs!

So on a rainy day like this, you can understand the need for happy music. When I think of a happy song, it should make you smile just by hearing it and should make you want to sing along if you know it; at least move a bit. So without much ado: The Top Five Happy Songs in my iTunes!

1. Polyphonic Spree – Reach for the Sun

My buddy Mark claims that this is the happiest song in the world and it deserves to be in the top five. Whether you first heard it online, Apple/VW commercials, Scrubs, or never before, this song by Polyphonic Spree is massive. They are a group with about
a million members dressed like they are in a cult or choir, but the music with well over a dozen instruments is mesmerizing and just fun.

2. Blind Melon – No Rain

The famous 1990’s bee girl video is part of a carefree happy and simple song. The music video is sweet and innocent, the song itself seems to share the same joyous naivete. Though the band was cut short tragically when their lead singer Shannon Hoon died in 1995 of a cocaine over dose, the song has lasted; almost so happily that the death of the singer by OD seems unbelievable.

3. Jackson 5 – ABC

Or if you prefer the Dance Version (NSFW because of preliminary dialogue, but great dance sequence) – Clerks 2

This song is possibly the greatest, most carefree, fun song to hit the charts ever. Coming out of a very angry family, and from a very tragic childhood (and eventually adult hood) the Jackson 5’s song ABC could not be happier. With catchy, simple melodies and easy to sing lyrics, the song is a class.

4. Phish – Bouncing Round the Room

On the album it appears, Lawn Boy, the song is flat and frankly meh. However, this is Phish we are talking about. They are not one to let a bad song die. Live they are incredible, with long jams, never repeated seats and a light show so good, the light guy has his own fan club (look him up, his name is Chris Kuroda). You could find a dozen versions of this song which has become one of their poppier classics. I know this song comes out of no where on the list, but listen and I think you would agree it belongs.

5. Outkast – Hey Ya!

This song led the album to double platinum. You hear the song once and you are hooked. The song is fun, in the purest sense of the word. The album uses acoustic guitars to sound older and the synths to make it poppy.

Hope this music lightened the mood. See you next time.