Top Five: Funny Songs

Top Five: Funny Songs

Ok I know all of you are sick of me talking the Muppets and Weird Al, so I wanted to prove I can find other things silly. So, fun way to start the week.

1. Timothy Leary – The Asshole Song

The first routine I heard by Timothy Leary sold me right away. With friends like Michael, I had gotten into stand up like George Carlin and with friends like Matt H. I had gotten into silly music like Monty Python and Weird Al. Timothy Leary was an immediate hit that has lasted. While other 1990s hits like Adam Sandler have faded this is going no where.

2. Jonathan Coulton (singer) and Scott Ramsoomair (animator) – Still Alive

Other than the fact that Portal is one of the greatest games of the last ten years and VG Cats is one of the funniest webcomics (if he actually does one). Combined, Jonathan Coulton’s incredible song is funny and catchy, to the point I cannot play it at home any more, my wife

3. Autotune the News – Winning

In an era where autotuning is both over done and pop music continues to decline, I am glad someone can satirize how bad modern music sound to the rest of us.

4. Joss Whedon (writer) and Neil Patrick Harris (singer)

I know that since I referred to Dr. Horrible last week, and you all watched it because you all love me, I know this is still stuck in your head.

5. Tom Lehrer – The Elements

or if you prefer Daniel Radcliff.

Tom Lehrer is possibly the the funniest pre-Weird Al singer, I know, I am shocked I wrote that too, but this is one of many fantastic songs he wrote. Look him up.


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