Top Five Internet Addictions!

Top Five Internet Addictions!

I know what you are thinking, Lolcats, Memebase, Failblog, etc. No, I am sorry. They are on occasion funny, but they are not written, they are user submitted, besides my lovely wife forwards me the occasional one; so I don’t have to look. I am talking about people who spend many days of their week publishing creative new things.

This is easy; perhaps you are the same way. It is 12:15 on a Wednesday and you wonder why Zero Punctuation hasn’t updated yet or 3:15 on a Friday and you are updating the iTunes store for the next Bugle podcast. I know, you feel the same way about something. So these are my current top five net addictions.

1. Zero Punctuation. – NSFW
For those of you living under a very large and dark rock, Zero Punctuation is the video game review videos from the mind of Yahtzee Croshaw. He speech is fast, his reviews are cutting, his illustrations are hilarious, and his style is unique. In a world of rip-offs and scrod, Yahtzee’s reviews are fresh and perfect. I am going to give him his own top five, but here are a few samples; Epic Mickey, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, and Halo: Reach

2. Weebls-Stuff
This website is an animation dream, with many animators, goofy techno, and British style mini-series. There are many repeated characters such as the series On the Moon, Catface, and the titular characters Weebl and Bob. These repeated characters make people come back, however there are other draws. There are a lot of songs, including the owners band Salvonic and their music videos such as Wandering Eye, the now defunct Magical Trevor and several one offs, like their first meme Badger, Badger, Badger, or my favorite Marrow. Now, there is some real crap on here too, but for the most part, worth checking all updates.

3. Least I Could Do

This webcomic by Ryan Sohmer has had three cartoonists over the eight years it has been online, but the magic really struck when Lar Desouza came on board. The main character Rayne, is a womanizing, sarcastic, nerdy, advice giver. Imagine Scott Pilgrim fantasy, mixed with Jerry Seinfeld sarcastic advice, and Barney from How I Met your Mother. They act like a newspaper comic and publish daily with a long form Sunday comic and follow moderately long arcs, up too about a week. They also have a couple spin offs including the Gutters, a parody of the comic book industry done by comic book artists, and Looking for Group, a fantasy adventure comic book.

4. The Muppets

There is a new movie coming out this fall. As you know, I love the Muppets. For years, they have tried to remain relevent, coming up with a series of videos in the last few years to capitalize on the meme market. However, with this new movie, they have done even more. They have set up a series of parody adds to imitate the trailers of other generic movies coming out or that are out. Though the movie is coming out, thus no new ads, for now these are great. Check them out (click on the images to the right to see the parody ads).

5. Hyperbole and a Half

How do you describe the charming Allie Brosh? Well quoting her own about page, “Hi. I’m Allie.

If I had to explain myself in six words, those words would be “heroic, caring, alert and flammable.” That’s only four words. Oh well, I guess I should have thought of that before I started writing. Too late now.

Here, I drew you a picture of a unicorn:” She tells stories about her paste illustrated in only the finest MS Paint. She is clever and hilarious, mixing folksy stories, with focused punchlines and honest emotion. It is hard to explain without examples, so read the God of Cake, Dogs Don’t understand basic concepts like moving, Better Pain Scale, and Texas.


P.S. Sorry this is late and your Monday Morning may have been spent working, but my Sunday was busy.

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