Top Five: More Funny Songs, Internet Edition.

Top Five: More Funny Songs, Internet Edition.

So, immediately after posting my top five for funny songs, I was literally inundated with an email; “What about the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny.” Well S**t. In my mind, on my last list, I tried to mix together the the classic and the modern comedy, but perhaps I should have separated the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. So, here is a new list of classic comedy music from the interwebs.

1. Lemon Demon – The Ultimate Showdown (Animation by Alt-F4)

Ok, this is not only a classic, but hilarious everytime and catchy. Not to give away the ending, but you will never guess who wins, but agree that they should.

2. Group X – The Super Mario Twins

When I was at East Cobb Middle School, a band had appeared at Swayze’s Venue singing a mix of goofy songs. The legend was that they went to Wheeler and I was hooked. I have one of their first “albums.” Their goofy psuedo-a capella version of the Mario theme is a classic.

3. Weebl – Crabs

or looped here

I love weebl’s stuff, though recently some of the magic seems gone. However, many of their classic songs are still strong. Looping they are funny, light hearted and work appropriate.

4. Strong Bad – Everybody to the Limit

This is not their funniest song, but it is there first and it responds to an email and that is good enough for me. The Homestar Runner ethos was that they could do internet cartoons that were not crude like South Park, but still funny. This particular one is done in the style of early flash with no style or ability. However, still really clever.

5. JibJab – This Land

This is the song that started it all. The high satire, the incredible simple lyrics, and the humorous animation made them famous, but their business sense made them last. I cannot wait until this years “Year in Review Song.”