Top Five: Muppets Songs Missing on the Green Album.

Top Five: Muppets Songs Missing on the Green Album.

I know I don’t usually stick to a theme this long, but with the looming movie and the amount I have listened to the first album, this post was inevitable really. Here are five songs that were clearly an over-sight.

1. The Fraggle Rock Theme

Yes there are many great themes from the Muppets; such as Muppet Babies, Muppets Tonight, and the Sesame Street Theme (which I left of the Yellow Album article because I figured it was a given), however, I think that Fraggle Rock has the most potential to be redone. Now the way that the Muppet theme was remixed with techno by OK GO was good, but I think doing both themes that way may be overwhelming. So, out of nowhere I have decided that The Kooks would do a great job.

2. Happiness Hotel (The Great Muppet Caper).

This is a silly, fast paced, and catchy song, not unlike Movin’ Right Along. This song is perfect for a big fun band, if not a collaboration of several; someone like Fountains of Wayne would be perfect, plus their friends…and anyone off the street.

3. Bless Us All (A Muppet Christmas Carol).

I know this is out of left field, but this is not really a Christmas Song. It never mentions Christmas, other than the opening dialogue which is directly out of Dickens. However any thoughts I had about ignoring it because of this were forgotten when I reheard it and remembered how beautiful it was. This needs to be done by at least three singers and ones I have not chosen yet, Matt Berninger (The National), A. A. Bondy, and Allison Kraus. I have spoken!

4. Hey A Movie! (The Great Muppet Caper).

(song starts about minute 3).

This song is not unlike the classic intros from the epics of the 1940s to the 1960s or perhaps the first song of a musical. My immediate thought would be a cast, like directed for video by Mel Brooks. However, that’s not the game we are playing, now is it? If you wanted it to sound like the cover of Movin’ Right Along, you could pick someone like Blink-182, but I think it would sound hackneyed. So, I have decided that Them Crooked Vultures shall do it, an it will be amazing.

5. Sing, Sing a Song (Sesame Street)


This is the classic. There have been many versions with many people, most growing to the point where the LALALALAs become almost cacophonous. With this in mind, I believe that the only group who could do it justice is Polyphonic Spree, or in a pinch Los Campesinos!


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