Top Five: The Yellow Album?

Top Five: The Yellow Album?

I have upcoming the album review of the album that is burning a whole in my CD player; Muppets, the Green Album and yes, I know how little that last sentence made sense. I figure, now that the Muppet Show and Movies have now been celebrated only Sesame Street can remain. So now, on the 36th Anniversary of the quintessential kids show, I have come up with a list of Five Songs that could, nay, should be covered on what I am calling Sesame Street: the Yellow Album.

1. I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon.

This song is sweet, loving, and innocent. Ernie is singing about wanting to come home, despite wanting to see the world. Beautiful. If I were to request a singer for this and not ask someone who did the last album, I would ask Josh Ritter. His deep melodic voice drips with the subtle sweetness needed to cover this track.

2. I Dance Myself to Sleep

This song clearly came from one or two writers on the show with kids who didn’t like bed time. The sheer silliness of the song coupled with the catchiness of the tune makes it a classic. The fun of this song and the availability for expanded goofiness, I am thinking Phish for the jam side of things or if you just want some goofiness try Ben Folds.

3. Put Down the Ducky

With Celebrities


In an era where we had a sax playing president, we had to have a few childhood sax playing muppets. In this simple and fun song, we have sax solos, rubber duckies, and general goofiness. There is only one band that could pull this off, They Might Be Giants. They, in fact might be even sillier then the choreographers who did the muppets. If you want a whole nother direction, think Cake and think sweet.

4. Rubber Duckie, You’re the One

This song is so classic, if I had not had it covered, I would have drawn and quartered. However, like OK Go’s version, I think this one is perfect for Techno Remixing. There are a few obvious choices, while someone like Girl Talk could remaster the original, there are two equally nuts ways to go here. Animal Collective would create a completely nuts version, however they are not known to even play their own music that people like. However, having someone like Neko Case cover it, plus Danger Mouse or Fatboy Slim remixing would make it awesome.

5. C is for Cookie

Another one so classic, I would have been negligent otherwise and unfortunately another hard one to do. We could have something crazy, like a White Stripes/Jack White verion, we could go back in time and do a ZZ Top version, but in today’s together bands context we need to think rage and fast; are you sitting, Flogging Molly.

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