Top Five: Things that I wasted time on this week.

Top Five: Things that I wasted time on this week.

1. The Pig with the Frog Tattoo

I know, basic pattern recognition. Muppets! Holy S**t! Surprise Choice! Sarcasm! However, like the previous nine million entries I like the Muppets, but the newest video is incredible. Ontological Slippage, heavy sarcasm and satire, and silliness. Watch it, you will laugh, even if you have not seen it before.

2. Scary Maze Game

Ok, this is gotcha humor, but man, this is intense. I know people in the comments call the guy ‘retarded,’ but I think some people act this way. Funny as hell. Next big viral.

3. Chuck Testa

This is the last viral I actually watched, totally worth it. Trust me. NOPE!

4. Epic Meal Time

I love this group, I want more from them. It is probably one of the best repeating live action youTube groups right now. It is fantastic with bacon.

5. Dr. Horrible

Ok, if you have not seen this, I don’t know if I can talk to you. This is funny, witty, urbane, and clever. The songs are great and the music is catchy. Watch this. I dusted this off about a week ago and can’t get it out of my head. Love it like you love me.